Unlocking Innovation: IDS Showcasing Next-Gen Solutions at MODEX 2024


MODEX is a premier supply chain trade show showcasing the latest material handling, logistics, and transportation solutions. Modex 2024 brought together leading manufacturing and supply chain suppliers to exhibit their innovations. From March 11 – 14, over 1,175 manufacturing and supply chain suppliers showcased the newest equipment and end-to-end solutions for operators.

IDS had the privilege of showcasing and welcoming attendees to our booth. We enjoyed connecting with visitors to demonstrate how our solutions can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. In this blog, we will highlight the innovative solutions IDS showcased.

Intelligent Distribution Solutions (IDS): Redefining Efficiency

Supply Dispensers

VendSafety Supply Dispensers are a reliable and secure way to dispense Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (MRO) supplies, tools, and safety products to authorized staff. These dispensers provide a single access point for employees to access supplies while keeping inventory safe, secure, and organized. This also helps streamline the inventory management process, minimizing the time and resources required to manage and distribute supplies across multiple locations, increasing productivity and efficiency, and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities.

IDS supply dispensers, like the SD5000 series, are equipped with advanced features like iQ Technology. This cloud-based inventory management system captures real-time data on supply usage and inventory levels. The robust 24/7 reporting capability offers complete control and visibility into managing supplies.

Smart Lockers

VendSafety Smart Lockers are a secure and convenient way to store and return personal protective equipment (PPE) tools and supplies, including larger equipment like hard hats and boots. The lockers are adjustable and can have anywhere from three to 18 compartments. In addition, Satellite Supply Lockers can be added for extra capacity, making it easy to adapt to changing inventory management and storage needs.

IDS VendSafety Smart Lockers are powered by iQ Technology, which provides managers with 24/7 insights into inventory status, location, and movement. This real-time visibility allows for precise monitoring and control, empowering managers to make prompt, informed decisions.

Leveraging the power of iQ Technology to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency can achieve significant cost savings and improved cash flow. This includes reducing holding costs, minimizing stockouts, and creating a more efficient supply chain, ultimately improving your organization’s financial success.

Virtual Tracker

Effective inventory tracking is a pivotal challenge in supply chain management. The traditional methods often fail to provide real-time visibility into asset location, usage, and condition. Virtual Tracker is an ideal solution by offering a versatile, web-based inventory tracking platform.

Virtual Tracker, powered by IDS’ iQ Technology, helps enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure that supplies are always where needed 24/7. It can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with IDS equipment. Either option creates a comprehensive, user-friendly, efficient, and seamless inventory management solution. With 24/7 accessibility, dynamic employee features, and seamless integration options, it optimizes equipment utilization, streamlines workflows, and empowers managers to make informed purchasing decisions for a more efficient and productive future.

Stay Connected

The Intelligent Distribution Solutions (IDS) team thanks those who visited our booth and engaged with us during MODEX. Your interest and enthusiasm for our innovative solutions have been genuinely inspiring. It was a privilege to showcase our solutions, designed to redefine efficiency and productivity in supply chain management.

We’d love to talk with you and stay connected to discuss your unique needs and explore how our solution can be tailored to suit your organization. Request a live, personalized demo to see how iQ Technology can reduce inventory costs, increase productivity, and improve your operations. Here’s to a more efficient and productive future together!