iQ Technology Upgrades: Your Shortcut to Effortless Inventory Management

iQ Technology - Inventory management software

Are you tired of managing your inventory manually? Do you want to make your inventory management processes more efficient? Well, iQ Technology has got you covered! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve updated our system with powerful new features to enhance your organization’s productivity. Everything is covered, from streamlining your inventory management processes to boosting efficiency. This blog showcases ten new features we’ve designed just for you. Trust us, this is one update you don’t want to miss!

  • Automated Pick List Creation: Our latest update simplifies pick list management by automating the process of generating and sending pick lists to specific individuals. This feature reduces the need for manual intervention and ensures that the right people receive the necessary information promptly. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing pick lists and hello to a streamlined process.
  • Exporting Pick List Ability: We understand that data management requires flexibility. With the new update, you can export your pick lists to either PDF or Excel formats. This will allow you to integrate this functionality with your existing processes and systems seamlessly.
  • Run Pick Lists for a Specific Supplier: Now, you can tailor your pick lists to your specific needs more precisely. Our latest update allows users to generate pick lists specific to a particular supplier. This new feature provides an added level of detail that will help you manage your inventory more effectively. By aligning your processes with supply chain requirements, you can ensure that your inventory management is tailored to your unique needs.
  • Edit Existing Assets with Ease: We’ve made asset management much simpler for you. Now, you can easily tweak the details of existing assets per your needs. While an asset will still be linked to a specific product, you can customize other aspects of it. Creating new assets is also a breeze as you no longer need to fill in all the fields – just the Asset ID number and the product will do.
  • Dynamic Planogram and Supply Room Updates: Keeping your inventory information consistent across different sections of the platform is essential. With this enhancement, product updates on the Products page will automatically propagate to the Planograms of machines and supply rooms associated with those products. This synchronization ensures that your inventory data remains accurate and up-to-date.
  • Transaction Report Enhancements: Our Transaction Report feature has received two valuable updates: 1) Department Display: Gain deeper insights by now being able to display the associated department for each employee in your transaction reports. 2) Toggles for Consumables and Check-in/Out: Toggle between “All,” “Consumables,” and “Check-in/Out” to focus your report on the specific transactions you need. This granularity allows for better analysis and understanding of your inventory movements.
  • Temperature Logs Update: Running Temperature Logs becomes even more insightful with the new ability to view logs for specific timeframes. This enhancement allows you to analyze temperature trends better and make informed decisions.
  • Inventory Report by Supplier: We recognize the significance of personalized reporting. With our latest Inventory Report capability, you can run the report either for a specific supplier or all suppliers, allowing you to divide and assess your inventory data.
  • Pack Quantity Update: Managing dispenses just got more accurate. When setting up or editing products, you can specify package price, cost, unit price, and cost. This enhancement ensures that your reports accurately reflect dispenses, especially in the Transaction Report.
  • Label Creation Made Easier: Labeling is no longer a guessing game! We’re excited to introduce the Barcode Creation feature for label creation. You can choose from Products, Supply Rooms, Machines, and Pick Lists. Customize which items to display for ultimate flexibility in your labeling process.

Experience the iQ Difference: Innovation Engineered for Your Success.

All these ten features we discussed were developed with your needs in mind, aiming to provide enhanced control, convenience, and efficiency. Your success is at the forefront of our efforts, and we’re confident that these updates will play a vital role in achieving your goals.

We listened to your needs and built these new features just for you! They’ll give you more control, make things easier, and help you work smarter. No more headaches, just streamlined processes, and happy coworkers. We’re sure these updates will get you closer to your goals. And it’s not just talk – our iQ technology is a game-changer. Dive in and take control of your inventory today! It’s time to revolutionize the way you work. Request your live, personalized demo today!