Five iQ Technology Upgrades: Your Shortcut to Effortless Inventory Management

Five iQ Technology Upgrades: Your Shortcut to Effortless Inventory Management

iQ Technology is more than just a payment acceptance system. It’s an innovative vending solution that revolutionizes vending experiences by streamlining transaction processing and empowering businesses. With a focus on innovation, we’ve introduced a series of transformative updates that unlock the full potential of iQ Technology vending management system. Elevate your vending operations today and experience the efficiency and empowerment that iQ Technology offers.

Let’s explore the updates that pave the way for the future of vending technology.

Improved Messaging for Passcodes

  • Clear Passcodes, Efficient Access: Enhanced messages on the iQ Tech Portal provide comprehensive insights into authorized products, machine access, and quantities, ensuring smoother dispensing processes. This upgrade transforms how your employees interact with the system, making their experience more intuitive and efficient. Clear communication regarding access rights and product availability simplifies dispensing, fostering a more productive and informed work environment.

 Simplified Employee Import

  • Effortless Employee Imports: Simplified FTP/SFTP import processes for employees, eliminating the need to include account names in spreadsheets. This streamlining of employee management means less administrative hassle for you. Now, bringing new team members into the system and ensuring security is simple, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your core operations.

 Default Department Terminology Update

  • Clarity in Default Department: Renaming the “Default” department to “Offline User Limits” for better understanding and adaptable customization, aligning with your organizational needs. This modification eliminates confusion and allows you to tailor your departments precisely per your requirements, providing you with a system that truly fits the unique contours of your business.

Alerts Delivered via SMS and Email

  • Versatile Alerts: Receive vital alerts via SMS and/or Email, empowering prompt actions and keeping you updated. Whether on the move or in the office, these alerts ensure you’re always in the know and help you make informed decisions. It provides you with real-time control, wherever you are, to drive efficiency and responsiveness in your operations.

Additional Alerts for Enhanced Control

  • Unauthorized Attempt Alerts: We have introduced a range of additional alerts for ultimate control. These alerts include product groups, asset specifics, check-ins, check-outs, missing user limits, pick lists, and online and offline unauthorized attempts. With this level of detail in alerts, you can easily monitor, control, and streamline your inventory operations. To learn more about our recent iQ Technology update and how it can improve your organization, enhance efficiency, and streamline your inventory management processes, check out the video below! These enhancements were developed based on your insights, reflecting our commitment to addressing your pain points and enhancing functionality. With these updates, you can experience greater control, improved insights, and streamlined processes within your inventory management. Let us show you how iQ Technology can help you take control of your inventory to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity within your organization. Request your live, personalized demo today!