Improving Hospital Inventory Control

Hospitals are busy places. The last thing anyone wants to focus on is organizing and monitoring inventory. Keeping track of everything from medications to supplies to scrubs is time consuming and labor intensive and uses a lot of resources to manage. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can improve their inventory management and make it a lot simpler – and more cost-effective – by using vending machines with iQ technology. Thanks to these vending machines’ advanced, state-of-the-art technology, you can control how and when your supplies and medicines are dispensed. The iQ platform uses unique IDs that allow you to control your hospital inventory by restricting access and providing real-time tracking.

In addition to scrubs and other medical supplies, vending machines can be used to safely dispense controlled substances and other medicines. With iQ, all withdrawals are catalogued and time- and date-stamped, and dispensing can be controlled based on the authority level associated with the user’s ID. Learn more IDS healthcare medical vending solutions. Because machines equipped with iQ are able to track who’s using what, they also serve as a powerful deterrent to theft and inventory shrinkage. Even managing supplies of scrubs is made easier with ScrubTrak, which is designed not only to dispense scrubs but also collect used scrubs for cleaning.