Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to Attend West Region EMS & Trauma Care Council in February

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, one of the world’s top medical vending machine manufacturers, is pleased to announce that they will be attending the West Region EMS and Trauma Care Council event to take place on February 20-22, 2015. These events will allow IDS to exhibit some of their state-of-the-art medical vending machines for pharmaceutical control, as well as their revolutionary new EMS locker systems.

One of the many topics of discussion that IDS will engage in during the events has to do with their medical vending machines, which allow a greater level of both security and control to healthcare professionals. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions designs their vending machines to allow professionals in the healthcare field to instantly access and restock certain medical items using standardized access protocol. Features, such as iQ software allows an organization to catalog and time-stamp all withdrawals, as well as regulate access to medical supplies to people with a certain authority level in order to reduce theft and to improve the efficiency of the facility as a whole.

EMS locker systems are designed to add additional infrastructure to medical facilities of all sizes, giving them the ability to control access to larger EMS supplies like back boards, radios, oxygen tanks, safety clothing and more. EMS locker systems come in a few different varieties, like the CAP 12 Door Locker and the CAP 3 Door Locker. Each unit includes adjustable back panels, LED lighting and other features that make it a versatile solution for all medical storage needs. Custom colors are also available to help an EMS locker system fit in with the existing design aesthetic of a healthcare facility.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has long been seen as an industry-leading vending machine manufacturer, as well as a solutions provider for vending operators and businesses of all sizes. One of the company’s current focuses involves promoting vending machines that are designed for an office  and retail environment that enable businesses to safely and securely store and organize various types of office supplies.

The West Region EMS and the Trauma Care Council event will take place on February 20-22, 2015 at the Ocean Shores Convention Center in Ocean Shores, Washington. Now in it’s 30th year, the event is designed to bring healthcare professionals involved in emergency care together for an educational conference designed to share information, empower people with new technology and alert them to the types of solutions that will help them do their jobs better on a daily basis.

Customer Convenience with ‘Will-Call’ Technology


In the world of business, convenience translates into money. The fewer steps necessary to get from point A to point B, the faster you can supply a demand, the more revenue can be generated each business day. This is why ‘Will Call’ Technology is the answer to the needs of many companies.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has found an innovative way for many businesses to supply their customers with what they need without running into unnecessary expenses. With state of the art vending machine technology, vending can be broadened into all types of product dispensing. Using custom vending machines to help distribute products to your customers can cut down on costly payroll additions and human resource issues.

Who Can ‘Will Call’ Help?

‘Will Call’ Technology is an innovative service created by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to help companies make their products available to customers in the easiest, most cost effective way. ‘Will Call’ is most beneficial to companies that deal primarily with online orders which customers need to pick up. Any customer who has ever experienced the long lines at traditional pick up centers can tell you, the old days of waiting in line and dealing with tired, annoyed pick up employees is not ideal. ‘Will Call’ technology uses retail vending machine lockers which entirely eliminates the need for an additional employee at the station as well as wait lines. ‘Will Call’ Technology is also beneficial for larger companies for use in supply dispensing. Employees can order supplies and pick them up when they are ready. This new innovation eliminates the need for extra employees to disperse supplies.

How Does It Work?

When an individual’s order is ready for pick up, they are notified through email or text and they are given a security code. Only this code will open the ‘Will Call’ Locker holding their order. This ensures that each order only gets to the person who ordered it. The customer simply puts in their code at the pick up station, retrieves their order and the transaction is finished. The locker is now available to be filled with the next order for the next customer.

Is It Safe?

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is among the top vending machine manufacturers today. Their products are custom built to ensure that each client receives a machine that will suit their individual needs. IDS understands that each company is different and one machine can not fit all. That is why from idea to completed product, IDS works tirelessly to make sure the vending machine you wind up with is exactly the product your company needs to solve distribution issues in the most convenient and cost effective way.

iQ Technology | Revolutionary Inventory and Tracking System

Everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous vending machine. Since its first development in London, during the 1880s, as a vehicle for dispensing post cards, these machines have become a lifesaver for hungry office workers, peckish students, and thirsty travelers. With the convenience of walking over and pumping some quarters into the machine, the consumer has ready access to quick treats on the go, regardless of where the nearest convenience store might be located. Today, thanks to the revolutionary inventory and tracking system of iQ Technology, custom vending machines are an excellent way to manage the entire sales process from point of sale purchases to inventory control to enhanced security features. It is almost like having a computer that dispenses cold sandwiches.

What Makes iQ Technology Different

At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, they have harnessed iQ Technologies to produce innovative custom vending machines, which gives owner-operators unprecedented control over all aspects of their product dispensing business model. In developing their smart supply vending machine, they have leveraged the power of cloud-based computing to transform the way vending machine manufacturers conceive of their products. The result, of course, is that vending machine operators have unprecedented levels of customization at their fingertips. Just some of the innovations that their designs supply include:

  • Cloud-based Computing Power
  • Multi-Machine Management
  • Secure Transactions
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Alerts

Gone are the days when vending machine owners needed to add up the coins in their machines, and subtract the number of candy bars that are missing from the inventory to see where they stand from a sales perspective. Now, all that information is readily available to owners of a custom vending machine.

Also absent, is the singular focus of using vending machines merely to dispense food items to hungry consumers on the go who are operating in a busy environment. Today, the concept of the “office vending machine” has expanded to include more than just a dispensary for bad coffee, and now these machines are being used to dispense, with just a swipe of an employee badge, all manner of office related supplies from a new computer mouse to a packet of post-it-notes. IDS office vending machines offer a simple system to dispense and track office supplies.

What Makes Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Different

While their groundbreaking, vending technology is on the cutting edge of innovative, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions cut their teeth in the vending industry more than 80 years before, and they bring to the table a vast array of business related vending solutions that they have gleaned over the course of eight decades. Their design team is standing by to answer any questions about the manufacture of advanced technology vending machines for any business and all industries.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at NRF in NYC

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions was among the vending machine manufacturers that debuted exciting new technologies at the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Expo. The event, which is held annually, features the latest retail technologies and solutions available to vendors of all trades. At the IDS booth, clients had the opportunity to see the ways that the company’s innovative machines could be used in a number of business settings. They could also witness how smart vending machines are opening up opportunities in a number of previously unexpected areas.

Alongside major retail brands, IDS demonstrated how in-house supply distribution can be made easier with a custom vending machine that allows workers to claim supplies ranging from pens and paper to replacement keyboard with the swipe of a card. This reduces shrinkage and the personnel hours that must be dedicated to ensuring that workers have the materials they need.

Moreover, professionals from health and wellness businesses were wowed by IDS’s new technologies which allow patients to purchase needed medications from carefully controlled machines. This innovation saves patients and professionals time while increasing compliance with prescriptions, additionally adding a new stream of revenue for many facilities.

Didn’t attend NRF but looking for ways to streamline supply processes or add new sources of revenue for your organization? Custom vending machines may be the solution you need.

Working Late and Need Supplies? A Vending Machine Comes to the Rescue

If your company has a policy of locking up the office supplies after hours, it can cause a problem for those employees who are working late at night. The last thing an employee wants to see is a locked door to the supply closet when he or she needs to quickly burn some important data to a DVD or copy files to a flash drive to take on the next day’s business trip.

Rather than forcing your employees to leave the premises and try to find an office supply store that is still open at night, you can set up a supply vending machine that will provide them with the items they need, 24/7. If an employee accidentally spills coffee on a keyboard during a late-night session, for example, it’s easy to get a replacement from the vending machine and then get back to work.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from complete office supply control and knowing that your employees won’t be tempted to make off with valuable supplies when no one is around to supervise them. At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we provide customized vending machine solutions to help companies dispense office supplies to their employees without having to manually keep tabs on each item they request.

Because the machines accept worker ID numbers, your employees will know that management has full office supply control and can see exactly who is obtaining items from the 24/7 vending machine, which will keep them accountable and reduce waste.

Evolving Workplaces

The supplies needed to run an office at most businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Most businesses now rely on supplies such as computers, keyboards, cell phones and power cables to operate instead of the traditional pens, paper and staplers. Office work stations and desks have changed to accommodate the latest trends in office supplies as well.

With desks and work stations now including less storage space and employees expected to be mobile and agile, there is not enough room to store the supplies they need for their daily operations; especially if it is something valuable like a phone charger or new wireless headset. These items are essential to employee production every day but most businesses won’t issue every employee two headsets or power cables “just in case.” The space to store them and their value are too high. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions utilizes office supply vending machine solutions to keep valuable items in a safe and secure location that is easily stocked, organized and accessible to any employee.

Medical Custom Vending Machine

As a custom vending machine manufacturer, IDS is constantly looking for ways to improve the dispensing technology for various industries. Intelligent Dispensing Solution’s answer to storing and managing medical supplies is custom vending machines that are able to safely and securely store sensitive and valuable medical supplies.

From pharmaceutical supplies, to EMS equipment or scrubs, IDS’s custom vending machines are able to help manage your facility’s supply with reliable designs. To achieve this, our machines incorporate cloud-based tracking and real-time inventory control to help you know exactly how many units were vended and how many are in the machine, among other helpful statistics.

Reducing inventory shrinkage is another result of installing custom machines. By controlling access to the supply, these machines provide professionalism and peace of mind.

Secure Office Vending Machines

The office supplies that most businesses use every day have evolved dramatically over the past few years. While not that long ago, pens, pencils and notepads were crucial to employees’ abilities to get work done, now keyboards, mice and phone chargers have become the critical lineup of office necessities.

While all of these items will help employees stay productive, tech items such as computer mice and phone chargers are a little harder to just store in a closet for many reasons. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions realizes that irregularly-shaped items, computer accessories with long cords and fragile items are difficult to store and keep organized. Many of these office items require extra security due to their high value.

Secure supply vending machines offer the perfect solution for securely storing your items and making sure that they stay organized after they are stocked in the machine. Office Supply Systems from IDS offer a variety of ways to access the items in the machine while keeping them secure, including PIN numbers, bar codes, mag stripes, PROX card or other point of use ID systems. All the data is encrypted and no data is stored to ensure security.

Satellite Storage Solutions

While looking at the Intelligent Dispensing Solutions website, you probably noticed our Office Supply Systems and might have thought, “That looks great, but my workplace uses items that won’t fit in a vending machine.” No need to worry, IDS has you covered!

If your business requires employees to use equipment that would be too large to fit into a vending machine on a daily or weekly basis, IDS offers solutions to expand your inventory management. Satellite systems connect to your main units and allow you to dispense large packaged or irregularly shaped objects. These satellite system storage solution office supply vending machine functions like lockers with glass fronts that are opened by the ID or card mechanism that you would normally use to dispense an item from your main unit. A benefit to these satellite systems is that the locked doors can be reopened and items can be put back in if you are in need of safe and secure places to store items when not in use by employees.

These machines are perfect for retailers, hospitals or other locations with medical supplies, gyms and more!

Smart Vending Software

A great vending machine will have more inside than just products to dispense. As a vending machine manufacturer that is constantly working to deliver creative and innovative solutions in various industries, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions knows that the parts and software that run a smart vending machine determine how successful the machine will be.

To ensure that your Office Supply System from IDS functions properly and gives you the tools you need to monitor your machine, we have developed IQ Technology. This software allows your machine to provide benefits to both machine operators and machine patrons; making it easier to manage the machine and inventory and to customize vending experiences for customers.

Our IQ Smart Vending Machine Software is able to offer complete transaction security whether you use a PIN code, bar code, mag stripe, PROX card or other ID systems by encrypting data and not storing security information. The web-based interface of this software creates an efficient way to manage multiple machines from any location and also includes mobile tracking and alerts to stay informed on any issues that may arise with your machines. IQ Software also includes guaranteed delivery verification sensors that will ensure a successful dispensing for every transaction.