Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at NRF in NYC

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions was among the vending machine manufacturers that debuted exciting new technologies at the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Expo. The event, which is held annually, features the latest retail technologies and solutions available to vendors of all trades. At the IDS booth, clients had the opportunity to see the ways that the company’s innovative machines could be used in a number of business settings. They could also witness how smart vending machines are opening up opportunities in a number of previously unexpected areas.

Alongside major retail brands, IDS demonstrated how in-house supply distribution can be made easier with a custom vending machine that allows workers to claim supplies ranging from pens and paper to replacement keyboard with the swipe of a card. This reduces shrinkage and the personnel hours that must be dedicated to ensuring that workers have the materials they need.

Moreover, professionals from health and wellness businesses were wowed by IDS’s new technologies which allow patients to purchase needed medications from carefully controlled machines. This innovation saves patients and professionals time while increasing compliance with prescriptions, additionally adding a new stream of revenue for many facilities.

Didn’t attend NRF but looking for ways to streamline supply processes or add new sources of revenue for your organization? Custom vending machines may be the solution you need.