Evolving Workplaces

The supplies needed to run an office at most businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Most businesses now rely on supplies such as computers, keyboards, cell phones and power cables to operate instead of the traditional pens, paper and staplers. Office work stations and desks have changed to accommodate the latest trends in office supplies as well.

With desks and work stations now including less storage space and employees expected to be mobile and agile, there is not enough room to store the supplies they need for their daily operations; especially if it is something valuable like a phone charger or new wireless headset. These items are essential to employee production every day but most businesses won’t issue every employee two headsets or power cables “just in case.” The space to store them and their value are too high. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions utilizes office supply vending machine solutions to keep valuable items in a safe and secure location that is easily stocked, organized and accessible to any employee.