Satellite Storage Solutions

While looking at the Intelligent Dispensing Solutions website, you probably noticed our Office Supply Systems and might have thought, “That looks great, but my workplace uses items that won’t fit in a vending machine.” No need to worry, IDS has you covered!

If your business requires employees to use equipment that would be too large to fit into a vending machine on a daily or weekly basis, IDS offers solutions to expand your inventory management. Satellite systems connect to your main units and allow you to dispense large packaged or irregularly shaped objects. These satellite system storage solution office supply vending machine functions like lockers with glass fronts that are opened by the ID or card mechanism that you would normally use to dispense an item from your main unit. A benefit to these satellite systems is that the locked doors can be reopened and items can be put back in if you are in need of safe and secure places to store items when not in use by employees.

These machines are perfect for retailers, hospitals or other locations with medical supplies, gyms and more!