Working Late and Need Supplies? A Vending Machine Comes to the Rescue

If your company has a policy of locking up the office supplies after hours, it can cause a problem for those employees who are working late at night. The last thing an employee wants to see is a locked door to the supply closet when he or she needs to quickly burn some important data to a DVD or copy files to a flash drive to take on the next day’s business trip.

Rather than forcing your employees to leave the premises and try to find an office supply store that is still open at night, you can set up a supply vending machine that will provide them with the items they need, 24/7. If an employee accidentally spills coffee on a keyboard during a late-night session, for example, it’s easy to get a replacement from the vending machine and then get back to work.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from complete office supply control and knowing that your employees won’t be tempted to make off with valuable supplies when no one is around to supervise them. At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we provide customized vending machine solutions to help companies dispense office supplies to their employees without having to manually keep tabs on each item they request.

Because the machines accept worker ID numbers, your employees will know that management has full office supply control and can see exactly who is obtaining items from the 24/7 vending machine, which will keep them accountable and reduce waste.