Secure Office Vending Machines

The office supplies that most businesses use every day have evolved dramatically over the past few years. While not that long ago, pens, pencils and notepads were crucial to employees’ abilities to get work done, now keyboards, mice and phone chargers have become the critical lineup of office necessities.

While all of these items will help employees stay productive, tech items such as computer mice and phone chargers are a little harder to just store in a closet for many reasons. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions realizes that irregularly-shaped items, computer accessories with long cords and fragile items are difficult to store and keep organized. Many of these office items require extra security due to their high value.

Secure supply vending machines offer the perfect solution for securely storing your items and making sure that they stay organized after they are stocked in the machine. Office Supply Systems from IDS offer a variety of ways to access the items in the machine while keeping them secure, including PIN numbers, bar codes, mag stripes, PROX card or other point of use ID systems. All the data is encrypted and no data is stored to ensure security.