Hospital Scrubs in Public? What Are Your Thoughts?

ScrubTrak - Scrub DispenserHave you ever found yourself walking down the street or on the train during the morning commute and next to you is someone wearing a classic pair of hospital scrubs? What you’re seeing may be a bit more than just someone on their way to or from work – you may be looking at someone exposing everyone around them to danger, depending on the situation.

According to a recent report out of Tampa Bay, Florida, many local hospitals in the area were found to either have poor enforcement or no enforcement whatsoever regarding how often healthcare professionals need to clean their scrubs, change their scrubs and whether they’re allowed to be worn in the first place outside of the hospital environment.

The Dangers of Wearing Scrubs in Public

When it comes to things like germ and pathogen transfer, scrubs in public represent something of a two way street. In certain situations, a person who wears a pair of scrubs in an operating room or other emergency room environment could take pathogens from that location out into the world with them if they wear their scrubs when they leave the building. While it is unlikely that a doctor would go fresh from the operating room down the street to lunch without changing, it is still a very real concern.

However, it is not the biggest issue that this situation poses. A person who is allowed to wear their scrubs out in public could potentially bring outside contaminants INTO a highly sensitive medical environment, thus posing a risk to patients, other medical professionals and more. This is a large part of the reason why it is recommended that hospitals and other healthcare facilities institute a policy regarding where scrubs should and should not be worn and how often they need to be cleaned moving forward.

The Benefits of a Scrub Dispenser

ScrubTrak - Dispensing Scrubs ScrubTrak, a scrub dispenser from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, is a piece of equipment that is designed to help relieve exactly these types of problems in the most innovative ways possible. Scrubs are dispensed from a vending machine, similar to the way you might pick up a candy bar or a cold snack on your lunch break. Not only can healthcare professionals keep a clean pair of scrubs within arm’s reach at all times, but the machine itself is also tied directly to both the healthcare facility’s inventory and to a user ID and other identifying account information. Administrators can keep track of how scrubs are being used, how long they’re being used and more – all from one innovative solution.

Wearing scrubs out in public could pose a danger to everyone who comes into contact with such a person, which is why innovative solutions like the medical scrub dispenser are so important in the first place. They’re using the latest that technology has to offer to make the world a safer, healthier place for everyone involved.

More Hospitals are now Investing in Scrub Stocked Vending Machines, ScrubTrak

There are more than a few ambulatory surgery programs that have become burdened with overwhelming overhead expenses, especially when it comes to proper apparel and inventory management in the workplace. As a solution, many of these programs have opted for controlled dispensing of scrubs and other apparel. Surprisingly, though, there are many expenses that can go along with dispensing scrubs. Is there a solution? Of course there is, and it comes in the form of ScrubTrak.

Deciding if Scrub Vending Machines Are Right For Your Health Care Facility?

IDS-Solution scrubtrack scrub vending machineAre your hospital employees required to wear scrubs? If yes, then a vending machine which dispenses all different types of scrubs will likely do very well in your office. For medical centers that do require scrubs, ScrubTrak provides your workers with the ability to purchase or rent scrubs out of a vending machine which can boost employee morale as well as productivity levels; this in return can lead to better patient care.

With a scrub vending machine, your medical office will enjoy many benefits and a quality solution to inventory shrinkage in relation to uniforms and scrubs. You can have your ScrubTrak machine customized to meet your specifications. For instance, you can have it set up so that each employee can rent two pairs of scrubs for free. For each additional pair that they want, they will need to return one of the free pairs. If they don’t have a free pair to return, they will have to pay for any additional scrub rentals.

Another excellent feature of ScrubTrak is that scrubs can be separated by color and size, making it exceptionally simple to rent or purchase a pair of scrubs. And with a return slot, the typical scrub return area is no longer needed, giving you optimal space to treat even more patients.

To learn more about ScrubTrak and the many advantageous features that it offers, contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions today. We offer a variety of vending options that are ideal for any healthcare setting, including ScrubTrak, healthy vending machines, and even retail vending. We take the headache out of vending contracts, making sure that you aren’t hit with any surprises. We are here to exceed your expectations by providing you with today’s latest vending technology.

Medical Custom Vending Machine

As a custom vending machine manufacturer, IDS is constantly looking for ways to improve the dispensing technology for various industries. Intelligent Dispensing Solution‘s answer to storing and managing medical supplies is custom vending machines that are able to safely and securely store sensitive and valuable medical supplies.

From pharmaceutical supplies, to EMS equipment or scrubs, IDS’s custom vending machines are able to help manage your facility’s supply with reliable designs. To achieve this, our machines incorporate cloud-based tracking and real-time inventory control to help you know exactly how many units were vended and how many are in the machine, among other helpful statistics.

Reducing inventory shrinkage is another result of installing custom machines. By controlling access to the supply, these machines provide professionalism and peace of mind.