Smart Vending Software

A great vending machine will have more inside than just products to dispense. As a vending machine manufacturer that is constantly working to deliver creative and innovative solutions in various industries, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions knows that the parts and software that run a smart vending machine determine how successful the machine will be.

To ensure that your Office Supply System from IDS functions properly and gives you the tools you need to monitor your machine, we have developed IQ Technology. This software allows your machine to provide benefits to both machine operators and machine patrons; making it easier to manage the machine and inventory and to customize vending experiences for customers.

Our IQ Smart Vending Machine Software is able to offer complete transaction security whether you use a PIN code, bar code, mag stripe, PROX card or other ID systems by encrypting data and not storing security information. The web-based interface of this software creates an efficient way to manage multiple machines from any location and also includes mobile tracking and alerts to stay informed on any issues that may arise with your machines. IQ Software also includes guaranteed delivery verification sensors that will ensure a successful dispensing for every transaction.