Vending Machines Help Patients Take Meds Appropriately

One of the most prevalent reasons that a course of medication fails has nothing to do with which drugs are prescribed. Between 20 and 30 percent of prescriptions for medications are never filled, meaning that patients never receive the benefits of needed medications.

Many customers find a trip to a pharmacy inconvenient or even impossible due to transportation issues. But, next generation patient medicine vending machines are making a difference in patients’ health. Prescription drug dispensers allow patients to access common needed medications right in your office after an appointment. Smart technology allows customers to input their prescriptions and payment and insurance information with the simple swipe of a card. They get their medications immediately, without having to make another stop or wait at a pharmacy. By making it easy to fill a prescription, you make it more likely that your patient will complete a course of medication to improve his or her health.

Doctors offices, hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities can all provide added services to patients with these custom vending machines. Talk to a representative at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions about whether a custom prescription dispenser is right for your organization.

Stay in DEA Compliance with Pharmaceutical Vending Machines

Striking the balance between keeping prescription medications on hand and maintaining the level of security required for DEA compliance is a major concern for firehouses, medical facilities and paramedics. These materials need to be readily accessible for medical emergencies, yet not so readily accessible that people who should not have access can get access. In addition, DEA regulations require tracking of controlled substances. For many, the answer to this quandary lies in a custom vending machine.

The Answer: Custom Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions provides a cost-effective way to manage this need. The UCapIt intelligent vending machine gives medical professionals instant access to the pharmaceuticals and supplies they need, even when those supplies are controlled substances, while automatically tracking the use and distribution for DEA compliance.

How It Works

When a user withdraws medications or supplies from the UCapIt custom vending machine, that withdrawal is cataloged with a time stamp. Also, withdrawals are regulated to the individual’s authority level, so only those who should have access to the medication are able to withdraw it. Inventory is also tracked instantly, providing a digital readout so you always know what your current inventory is.

For today’s emergency services personnel and medical professionals, access and compliance are both crucial. UCapIt custom vending machines provide both in an easy to manage vending machine setup. Contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions today to learn more about this custom vending machine product.

Evolving Workplaces

The supplies needed to run an office at most businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Most businesses now rely on supplies such as computers, keyboards, cell phones and power cables to operate instead of the traditional pens, paper and staplers. Office work stations and desks have changed to accommodate the latest trends in office supplies as well.

With desks and work stations now including less storage space and employees expected to be mobile and agile, there is not enough room to store the supplies they need for their daily operations; especially if it is something valuable like a phone charger or new wireless headset. These items are essential to employee production every day but most businesses won’t issue every employee two headsets or power cables “just in case.” The space to store them and their value are too high. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions utilizes office supply vending machine solutions to keep valuable items in a safe and secure location that is easily stocked, organized and accessible to any employee.

Custom Vending Machines Creating Organization

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions‘ office vending machine is the perfect way to start organizing your office supplies and keep the safely and securely organized. With this focus on organization, there are a few tips that help improve workplace organization for employees that carry over to the benefits of a custom vending machine for your office supply storage. Here are our top tips for keeping office supplies organized with a vending machine!

A place for everything, and everything in its place is one of the founding principles of organization. Whether it is for organizing ideas, files or office supplies, being able to properly store things and find them again easily and efficiently is a key part of being organized. With the Office Supply System from IDS there is a place for everything in the vending machine and once they are in there they will stay neatly arranged and easy to find with their vertical and face-out arrangement.

Simplify! Making everything as easy as possible will increase the likelihood that you do the positive things you need to in order to stay organized. Swiping an ID card or entering a PIN to procure the office supplies you need removes much of the hassle from trying to securely store and dispense valuable items.

Smart Vending Software

A great vending machine will have more inside than just products to dispense. As a vending machine manufacturer that is constantly working to deliver creative and innovative solutions in various industries, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions knows that the parts and software that run a smart vending machine determine how successful the machine will be.

To ensure that your Office Supply System from IDS functions properly and gives you the tools you need to monitor your machine, we have developed IQ Technology. This software allows your machine to provide benefits to both machine operators and machine patrons; making it easier to manage the machine and inventory and to customize vending experiences for customers.

Our IQ Smart Vending Machine Software is able to offer complete transaction security whether you use a PIN code, bar code, mag stripe, PROX card or other ID systems by encrypting data and not storing security information. The web-based interface of this software creates an efficient way to manage multiple machines from any location and also includes mobile tracking and alerts to stay informed on any issues that may arise with your machines. IQ Software also includes guaranteed delivery verification sensors that will ensure a successful dispensing for every transaction.

New York Fashion Week’s Recycling Machine

New York Fashion Week is one of the fashion industry’s largest events of the year and there is no shortage of cutting edge clothing and designers pushing the limits and boundaries of fashion. For three days during the week-long celebration, a unique vending machine made an appearance, dispensing t-shirts that are definitely more than what meets the eye.

The organization Plastics Make it Possible arrived at fashion week with a truly unique custom vending machine that dispensed a free t-shirt to anyone that “paid” by putting a plastic bottle into the machine. While a creative way to encourage recycling, this may seem like an odd exchange for a t-shirt. The differences between the plastic bottle that patrons inserted into the machine and the t-shirt they received from it aren’t that different though.

The t-shirts from this machine were designed by Allison Parris and were made from recycled plastic fabric! Intelligent Dispensing Solutions loves to see creative vending machines used to promote great causes like this. The t-shirts are made with recycled plastic bottles that are cleaned, melted and stretched into a fine thread. The result is a soft, woven fabric that can be made into lots of different kinds of clothing, including stylish graphic t-shirts!

Smart Subway Vending Machines

If you have ever traveled or lived in New York City, you have most likely experienced the city’s famous subway system. The MTA, the organization responsible for public transportation in New York, is constantly trying to come up with ways to improve commuting for the millions of people that use the subway system daily.

Since 1993, commuters have used custom vending machines to purchase a plastic or paper MetroCard in order to ride the subway. Until now, scanning credit cards and debit cards in the machine or paying with cash and coin were the only options available to pay for your MetroCard.  The MTA is now testing a new method of payment in which customers are able to press their card against a Smart Card reader on the machine and wirelessly. This form of credit card scanning has been used in retail stores for a while now, but the technology is still widely unused due to concerns about credit card security and slow adaptation by credit card companies and consumers.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions sees this version of credit card payment slowly replacing traditional credit card scanners because of its ease and ability to process thousands of vending transactions without any physical wear on the machine.

Work Out Convenience

Staying in shape requires a lot of dedication and hard work, as well as the right gear and equipment. Many of us join gyms in order to gain access to all of the equipment and facilities we need to practice our favorite sports or perform our exercise routines. In addition to having all of the right equipment at the gym, we often require proper gear and clothing to work out comfortably, safely and stylishly.

Companies such as Speedo have capitalized on this very need by creating custom Speedo vending machines that are branded with their logos and graphics and vend everything from swimming goggles to swimwear and flip flop sandals. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has the ability to create these custom Speedo vending machines that can vend almost any product you would need to exercise at the gym.

Our machines use advanced technology to vend almost any items in a machine that is perfect for your facility. From what the machine vends to how it looks and functions, we will work with you to create a profitable vending solution. Since most gyms and workout facilities function with a membership program for customers, we can design a machine that utilizes those memberships as methods of payment so patrons won’t have to be carrying cash or cards with them during their workout to use the machine.

Freshly Fried French Fry Machine

The sight or smell of french fries for most people starts their mouths salivating at the thought of the warm, salty, fried taste of these pieces of potato perfection. A custom vending machine manufacturer in Belgium has designed Belgium’s first frite, or French fry, vending machine that uses beef fat to fry the fries.

For €2.50, french fry fans can enjoy a hot, freshly fried cup of frites that are served with a fork, salt and your choice of ketchup or mayonnaise. While this isn’t the first machine to manufacture fries for customers on the go, this is the first one that uses beef tallow to create what many fry fanatics claim is ingredient that creates the most delicious french fries. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, and most of you are probably thinking the same thing, wouldn’t mind one of these in our offices!

Belgium is the historical birthplace of this world-wide snack phenomenon and claims to produce the best fries anywhere in the world. A Belgian journalist claimed that a family manuscript from 1781 describes consuming deep-fried potatoes prior to 1680. Since then, fries have become a staple for fast food restaurants and the ideal pair for many traditional and favorite dishes of diners around the globe.

Even in the US, french fries have a lengthy history with records of Thomas Jefferson enjoying “potatoes served in the French manner” at the White House in 1802.

30-Year-Old Custom Vending Machine

To most of our readers, it is not a secret that Japan is home to many of the world’s greatest and oddest vending machines. With over 5 million machines currently operating in the country, there are bound to be interesting innovations and unique machines.

Custom vending machines usually incorporate cutting-edge new technology or new mechanisms that allow them to do things your average vending machine would not be able to. Sometimes though, the simplest solutions are the best and a great idea is all you need to make something average stand out.

A very popular Japanese dish is curry and rice. This isn’t something your average snack machine could vend, but a small, red machine in a vending machine establishment in Japan dispenses hot servings of ready-to-eat curry and rice. The interesting thing about it is that this great vending “innovation” has been operating for almost 30 years!

The Japanese curry and rice vending machine serves vacuum-sealed packages of curry and rice that are kept warm inside the machine and the machine is operated by the man that personally grows the rice used in the machine. To ensure its freshness, the operator replaces the rice in this Japanese dispenser several times per day. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions applauds this vending entrepreneur for his commitment to delivering a unique and quality product!