Vending Machines Help Patients Take Meds Appropriately

One of the most prevalent reasons that a course of medication fails has nothing to do with which drugs are prescribed. Between 20 and 30 percent of prescriptions for medications are never filled, meaning that patients never receive the benefits of needed medications.

Many customers find a trip to a pharmacy inconvenient or even impossible due to transportation issues. But, next generation patient medicine vending machines are making a difference in patients’ health. Prescription drug dispensers allow patients to access common needed medications right in your office after an appointment. Smart technology allows customers to input their prescriptions and payment and insurance information with the simple swipe of a card. They get their medications immediately, without having to make another stop or wait at a pharmacy. By making it easy to fill a prescription, you make it more likely that your patient will complete a course of medication to improve his or her health.

Doctors offices, hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities can all provide added services to patients with these custom vending machines. Talk to a representative at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions about whether a custom prescription dispenser is right for your organization.