Work Out Convenience

Staying in shape requires a lot of dedication and hard work, as well as the right gear and equipment. Many of us join gyms in order to gain access to all of the equipment and facilities we need to practice our favorite sports or perform our exercise routines. In addition to having all of the right equipment at the gym, we often require proper gear and clothing to work out comfortably, safely and stylishly.

Companies such as Speedo have capitalized on this very need by creating custom Speedo vending machines that are branded with their logos and graphics and vend everything from swimming goggles to swimwear and flip flop sandals. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has the ability to create these custom Speedo vending machines that can vend almost any product you would need to exercise at the gym.

Our machines use advanced technology to vend almost any items in a machine that is perfect for your facility. From what the machine vends to how it looks and functions, we will work with you to create a profitable vending solution. Since most gyms and workout facilities function with a membership program for customers, we can design a machine that utilizes those memberships as methods of payment so patrons won’t have to be carrying cash or cards with them during their workout to use the machine.