Freshly Fried French Fry Machine

The sight or smell of french fries for most people starts their mouths salivating at the thought of the warm, salty, fried taste of these pieces of potato perfection. A custom vending machine manufacturer in Belgium has designed Belgium’s first frite, or French fry, vending machine that uses beef fat to fry the fries.

For €2.50, french fry fans can enjoy a hot, freshly fried cup of frites that are served with a fork, salt and your choice of ketchup or mayonnaise. While this isn’t the first machine to manufacture fries for customers on the go, this is the first one that uses beef tallow to create what many fry fanatics claim is ingredient that creates the most delicious french fries. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, and most of you are probably thinking the same thing, wouldn’t mind one of these in our offices!

Belgium is the historical birthplace of this world-wide snack phenomenon and claims to produce the best fries anywhere in the world. A Belgian journalist claimed that a family manuscript from 1781 describes consuming deep-fried potatoes prior to 1680. Since then, fries have become a staple for fast food restaurants and the ideal pair for many traditional and favorite dishes of diners around the globe.

Even in the US, french fries have a lengthy history with records of Thomas Jefferson enjoying “potatoes served in the French manner” at the White House in 1802.