Stay in DEA Compliance with Pharmaceutical Vending Machines

Striking the balance between keeping prescription medications on hand and maintaining the level of security required for DEA compliance is a major concern for firehouses, medical facilities and paramedics. These materials need to be readily accessible for medical emergencies, yet not so readily accessible that people who should not have access can get access. In addition, DEA regulations require tracking of controlled substances. For many, the answer to this quandary lies in a custom vending machine.

The Answer: Custom Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions provides a cost-effective way to manage this need. The UCapIt intelligent vending machine gives medical professionals instant access to the pharmaceuticals and supplies they need, even when those supplies are controlled substances, while automatically tracking the use and distribution for DEA compliance.

How It Works

When a user withdraws medications or supplies from the UCapIt custom vending machine, that withdrawal is cataloged with a time stamp. Also, withdrawals are regulated to the individual’s authority level, so only those who should have access to the medication are able to withdraw it. Inventory is also tracked instantly, providing a digital readout so you always know what your current inventory is.

For today’s emergency services personnel and medical professionals, access and compliance are both crucial. UCapIt custom vending machines provide both in an easy to manage vending machine setup. Contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions today to learn more about this custom vending machine product.