See the Cap5 Medical Office Vending Machine from IDS at the 2014 Texas EMS Conference

The EMS Conference in Texas is coming up from November 23-26, allowing EMS workers to see the latest tools and equipment in action. During the conference, attendees can experience workshops and hands-on sessions, lectures, and pre-conference classes. Some of the perks of this event, besides the large amounts of information offered, is the fact that attendees will receive free coffee, free lunch, and be able to attend an awards ceremony where EMS workers are honored for their contributions.

This year, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will be in attendance showcasing two exciting medical office vending machines; the Cap 5 and the Cap 5 Refrigerated.

IDS VedingIn the realm of custom vending machines, staying updated on the latest technology is essential, which is exactly what IDS does. When it comes to vending machine manufacturers, IDS understands the industry like no other. Below is more information about the two medical office supply vending machines on display by IDS at this year’s Texas EMS Conference.


The CAP 5 provides users with full control over a large number of medical packages and products. This vending machine offers secure storage for all items that are necessary to perform in the EMS field. It offers an electronic display and an intelligent control system to ensure that all transactions are monitored.

CAP 5 Refrigerated

The CAP 5 Refrigerated vending machine allows full control over a large variety of medical packages and products in a refrigerated environment. This provides maximum longevity for essential products that are needed on a daily basis. This machine offers a number of exciting features, including an intelligent control system, which allows for a 24-7 real-time reporting of any transactions. It also offers durable shelves, a high-security lock, and an extra-large delivery port.

Who can the CAP 5 help?

The CAP 5 technology is a type of innovative service that has been created by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to help ensure that pharmaceutical products and other medical products are available in an easy and efficient manner for EMS, Veterinary, and other medical professionals. No more digging through unorganized cabinets for the right item. With the CAP 5 and an ID badge, EMS and other medical workers can easily and quickly access the product they need. Managers can also easily keep track of the materials being used and by whom with built-in tracking.

When it comes to medical vending machines, having efficient and effective equipment is essential. The CAP 5 and The Cap 5 Refrigerated provide any medical organization an effective way to dispense pharmaceuticals and other medical products, even in high-pressure situations. For anyone who wants to see the CAP 5 in action, attending this year’s Texas EMS Conference is a must.

Ways to Keep Track of Inventory

Keeping track of your vending machines’ inventory is a vitally important part of maintaining strong sales: No one wants to see a half-stocked machine, and when an item is really popular, you want to make sure levels stay high so you can take advantage of that popularity.

There are three primary ways to track and control inventor:

  • Go “old school” and track by hand: Grab that clipboard and pen and get to counting. Tracking by hand may have once been the standard, but by today’s standards, it’s tedious and an unproductive use of time.
  • Use a spreadsheet: Excel offers lots of customizability and it’s certainly more efficient than keeping track by hand. But this method still requires manual entry, and that means it can still be time-consuming.
  • Tap into vending machine inventory tracking and management technology: IDS’ iQ technology vending machines represents the most advanced inventory tracking system available for vending machine operators. iQ lets you track your inventory remotely from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – any device that has an Internet connection. You can even check the income from cashless machines that let customers use credit cards to securely make purchases.

Inventory control has come a long way in the last few years. Using an inventory tracking system like iQ lets vending business owners spend less time counting stock and more time building a successful vending business.