Dr. Pepper From School and Office Vending Machines

school vending machinesDifferent parts of the country have different preferred soft drinks. In Georgia, they drink Coke. In Texas, they drink Dr. Pepper.

This soda is unlike any other. Brooklyn-born pharmacist Charles Alderton formulated the drink in Waco, TX in 1885, touting its 23 flavors on a national level by 1904. Today Dr. Pepper can be found in many school vending machines and office vending machines. No one knows what flavors were blended to create the unique taste, and many have speculated. And with so many possible factors, it’s impossible to know with certainty.

One thing’s for sure: Dr. Pepper is a tasty alternative to Coca-Cola. In fact, Coke knew this and tried naming what would eventually become Mr. Pibb, Peppo. Dr. Pepper sued them and they changed the name to Dr. Peppo, which they were sued for again, so it became the much less tasty Mr. Pibb.

It’s hard to classify Dr. Pepper, yet that is arguably what has helped it stay so successful throughout the years. Its myriad flavors are a great way to break from the regularity of a lemon lime soda or a cola and if you’re ever in Texas, you know what drink to choose from an office vending machine. Enjoy!