Electronics Vending Machine Safe?

Selling electronics through a custom vending machine might seem like a risk to business owners, but this ignores a classic principle. By and large, people assume they are being watched. In general, the type of person prone to committing a crime is going to do it whether you are there or not. By contrast, your average law abiding citizen will never steal for fear of being caught and the assumption that they will be. The average American citizen just assumes they will fail in their attempt at theft, be brought to justice in court before being paraded around as an example of all the wrong that exists in the world. No sane person wants that.

Electronics vending machines made to sell items like iPhones and PSPs are actually incredibly secure, so even a committed criminal would have to work Ocean’s 11 style to break in. And it’s nice to know that you can put up a machine like this in the middle of a shopping center or near the school bookstore and make some good money.

Security is key to all of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ vending machines. These are top of the line units built to last for a long time so that you can make money with little hands on work. It’s the new cool way to buy an iPhone.