Emergency Medical Supplies in Custom Vending Machines

With Intelligent Dispensing Solutions there is no end to the possibilities of custom vending machines and today we’ll discuss one smart solution that can solve numerous problems for many companies. Emergency medical supplies are needed in more than just hospitals and doctors’ offices. They are also needed by ambulance companies, fire stations, and paramedic operations. With our vending machines you can easily and safely store medical supplies for your employees.

The EMS UCapIt dispensers allow all drugs and medical supplies to be locked up and easily stored. With documented access, you know exactly who is using the supplies and how much. They allow for 100% control over your inventory –which we all know is immensely important when it comes to medical supplies. But it’s not just about stopping theft and keeping everything under control. The vending machines also ensure that any dated stock is always used first so you don’t waste money should anything expire before use. You can easily check stock levels online so you never run out.

With UCapIt you can save on what is normally a costly endeavor for others. Who doesn’t enjoy saving money and knowing their supplies are safely stored and tracked? Visit IntelligentDispensingSolutions.com to learn more.