Free Your Office Manager from the Drudgery of Managing Office Supplies

In many businesses, one person (often the office manager or an assistant) is in charge of controlling access to the office supplies. If this is how your organization allocates resources, you should know that a vending machine is an ideal solution for keeping track of office supplies.

The office vending machines provided by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will free up your manager from having to keep track of who is getting notebooks, pens, staples, USB drives and other items that workers need on a daily basis.

This is a waste of your employees’ valuable time. Why make a person keep track of supplies when an intelligent vending machine is a quick and efficient office supply management solution?

Employees only need to swipe their ID badge in the vending machine’s card-reading slot, enabling you to effectively keep track of who is obtaining office supplies, the types of items they are getting, and how often  they use the device.

What’s more, with the vending machine connected to the Internet, it’s easy to manage your office supply inventory remotely with this office inventory system, which is especially useful when you are managing multiple office locations. You can quickly get reports about which items are running low and need to be replenished. The result is easier office supply inventory management and greater accountability, while cutting down on employees pilfering office supplies for private use at home.