Healthy Resolutions With Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Welcome to the year 2013, everyone. With each New Year comes the rash of resolutions to change something about outlook, acquire a new skill, build better habits, or maybe just finally to lose those ten pounds. Whatever the goal, the hoped-for result is usually to be happier and healthier. And we at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions are here to help you do just that.

This is particularly important in a school setting. Studies released in 2012 are showing that curbing the sales of junk food and sweetened drinks at school may play a role in slowing childhood obesity. Our products allow you to give both your students and staff an unprecedented level of convenience and easily track your inventory. Since IDS also provides end-to-end fulfillment, you can afford to be selective about stocking your vending machines with healthy choices to kids and adults alike.

On top of that, our custom healthy vending machine solutions can complement the role of a real-life cafeteria staff. By using our industry leading iQ software, you can sync your machine with the requirements of the Federal Free and Reduced Meal program, making it easier than ever to provide a quality school food service. Approved by the USDA, our custom solutions can help administrators save payroll while saving valuable lunchroom space for crowded schools.