Healthy Vending in Schools

Across the country, there are debates occurring about whether or not schools should have vending machines. Some people claim that providing vending machines in schools contributes to the obesity problem in the United States. While this could be the case in some schools, providing healthy meals, snacks and beverages in schools actually promote healthy eating among students.

Vending machines in schools and colleges are able to provide so much more than just candy and soda. In fact, they have the capability to offer full meals to students, in addition to healthy snacks and beverages. This would allow students to purchase breakfast and lunch from the machines during school hours. Since students are often involved in after school activities, vending machines can provide them with snacks to help get them through until it is time to go home. Providing this service allows schools to win back sales that were otherwise lost to convenience stores and fast-food restaurants.

Installing vending machines in schools decreases congestion and long wait times in cafeteria check-out lines by allowing for multiple sale points for students, as opposed to one single line. Schools are also able to reduce labor costs by having vending machines, as staff are no longer needed to serve food before and after school and fewer staff are needed to serve lunch during the day. Another feature of these machines is that they can be set up to accept cash, credit/debit cards and meal/POS accounts, so parents can know what their children are eating throughout the day. 

Providing students with easy access to healthy food through vending machines is the perfect teaching opportunity. It gives students the chance to learn first-hand what happens when they fuel their bodies with healthy foods and beverages, as opposed to sugary beverages. Students who make healthy nutrition choices have a better chance to succeed academically than those who eat foods that are not nutritious.

Arguments can be made to deny schools to have access to vending machines, but it is hard to deny that, if done correctly, having healthy vending machines in schools and colleges helps set students up for success. Click here to learn more about healthy vending in schools or give us a call at 1-855-570-2673.