How ScrubTrak Can Help With Compliance and Infection Prevention in Medical Facilities

ScrubTrak™ is a breakthrough in scrub dispensing technology. It helps medical facilities manage their scrub supply more efficiently—reducing inventory shrinkage and increasing the bottom line. And it ensures doctors, nurses and techs always have clean medical scrubs available.

This simple, intuitive system eliminates hoarding, shortages and unauthorized use. We estimate that ScrubTrak™ can reduce inventory shrinkage by 90%.

Contaminated linen, including scrubs and coats, have been identified as a source of large numbers of pathogenic microorganisms. ScrubTrak offers infection prevention solutions by helping control this risk in healthcare organizations by providing return units in key locations throughout the campus. Having multiple return unit locations ensures that employees do not have to travel far distances in contaminated uniforms.

Hospital grade laundering services provides a thorough, cleaning process that cannot be replicated in home washing machines and ensures clean medical scrubs that are rid of infectious germs. Through automating the process for receiving and returning scrubs, ScrubTrak assists hospitals in complying with AORN’s recommendation for surgical attire to be laundered by a healthcare laundry facility to avoid the spread of infectious bacteria on scrubs of medical personnel who have patient interaction. By offering dispensing and return units for scrubs, and monitoring compliance through our real-time software system, hospital administrators can confidently comply with AORN. In addition, ScrubTrak’s return units allow for convenient and safe scrub pick-up by laundering staff.

For hospital and medical facility managers, we highly recommend that you check out the ScrubTrak site and features.