Hug a Vending Machine, Receive a Free Coke

Just when you think you’ve seen every type of custom vending machine out there, another one pops up. And this one is great for people who don’t even want to spend money! In an effort to spread a little love and smiles, Coca-Cola created a special coke dispensing machine that vends a free can of Coke when you hug the machine. The words “Hug Me” are sprawled across the front in Coca-Cola’s font, an inviting gesture. How could anyone resist those words?

The students at the National University of Singapore certainly could not resist. Spokesman Leonardo O’Grady stated, “Whether you were hugging the machine or experiencing the event online, our goal was the same – to put a smile on your face and share that emotional connection. Reactions were amazing…people really had fun with it and at one point we had four to five people hugging the machine at the same time as well as each other.”

They put together a cute little video of people’s reactions to the hug me coke machine and I can’t say I wouldn’t want to join those kids. Sadly, none are expected to appear here in the States, that we know of. But the company does want to place more in locations across Asia. Sometimes the best things in life are for free. So what unique vending machine would you like to build?