Include Employees In Stocking The Office Vending Machine

Knowing what your business requires in its office vending machines should be easy, after all it is your business!

That said a simple email can help illuminate the needs of your employees and make your office’s custom vending machine all the better. Your employees can request a variety of items. Perhaps, for example, someone in your office needs new USB drives on a regular basis. This is not the sort of thing that everyone will necessarily be using, but all you really need is a few active users to make stocking them worthwhile.

Getting feedback from your employees is not just a great way to use your office vending machine, it is also a way to give your employees more ownership over their work. Giving them a chance to specify the exact sort of office supplies they want to use will improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

So if you intend on investing in an office supply vending machine, be sure to include your employees in the process. These folks are the backbone of your business and the vending machine is there to help them better serve your customers. Vending can save them time and make their whole day feel more comfortable.