Innovative School Lunch Programs

school vending machinesSchool vending machines are not a new idea, but with many parents, and the government, concerned about the health of our children, we need to come up with new and better ways to provide nutritious food in schools. We can’t just accept snack vending machines filled with soda, candy, cookies, and chips. There needs to be an innovative system and Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has stepped up to the plate to take the challenge.

They have partnered with Point of Sales companies to bring automation and tracking to the lunchroom, while still offering a better selection of foods. Their POS system will easily track food and offer students an easier way to purchase. Any students who are eligible for free or reduced lunches can be easily tracked too. Money will be deducted from a student’s account instead of wasting time with cash, although cash can still be accepted.

School lunch vending machines can reduce the congested lunch line by providing similar healthy choices in a convenient location. You can easily change the face of your lunch program by investing in these smart machines. Visit Intelligent Dispensing Solution’s website to learn more and speak with a representative about integrating the machines into your school.