Inventory and Tracking through iQ Technology

The iQ Technology inventory tracking system is more technologically advanced than anything that has come before it. Through the use of iQ technology, you can ensure that your inventory is properly maintained within your vending machines with limited administrative effort.

A Cloud-Based Inventory Management Solution
iQ lets you connect to the inventory on-the-fly through its cloud-based system. A cloud-based system allows access from mobile and desktop devices, so you always know whether the machine needs something. Even expiration dates can be tracked through your cloud-based inventory and information.

Manage Multiple Machines through IQ Inventory Control Software
Have more than one vending machine? iQ lets you track all of them at once. You can quickly pull reports and find out the status of multiple vending machines as desired, without having to physically go to the machines or switch through accounts. 

Completely Secure Transactions
The transactions stored through the iQ inventory management system are protected and encrypted. You never need to worry about your customer’s credit card data falling into the wrong hands; both the machine itself and the server are safe.

iQ technology can easily reduce the amount of time you spend on tracking your vending machine inventory. Through iQ technology, you can manage all of your vending machines, pull up reports from anywhere in the world and track your sales transactions.