Keep Inventory in Check with Custom Vending Machines

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that up to 75 percent of employees have stolen at least one thing from work. This theft causes up to $50,000,000,000 in annual loss for U.S. businesses. Custom vending machines provide a solution that reduces the cost of employee theft, minimizes the amount and cost of inventory and maximizes business profits while ensuring employees have the office supplies they need.

A custom vending machine distributes items like keyboards, pens and flash drives as well as a variety of other commonly used office supplies and equipment. To use the machine, employees must swipe their badge. They can then select the items they need. The office manager or business owner receives a report from the machine that indicates each distribution. With that data, they know how often each employee accesses the machine and who uses which equipment.

Switching to a vending machine inventory control solution can reduce inventory waste by up to 25 percent, and they also provide up-to-date inventory lists. This feature allows office managers to restock the machine easily and shows business owners which products are in high demand.

With the need to keep employee theft and overall operating costs to a minimum, business owners rely on strict inventory control. A custom vending machine provides the solution they need.