Last-Minute Makeup Machine

Custom Vending MachinesYou’ve made it through the airport’s security, miraculously arrived at your gate on time, and even have enough spare time to enjoy your victory with some relaxing. After visiting the nearest cafe for the largest container of coffee they can legally sell, you rummage through your carry-on bag to triple-check that you have everything you need.

While searching for your favorite magazine, you start noticing all the things you forgot to pack in your early-morning rush! Luckily, airports are well-equipped with custom vending machines that stock just about everything you could need on your flight.

Recently, San Francisco cosmetics company, Benefit, launched a new vending machine to help travelers that grabbed everything but their lipstick, eye-liner or almost anything else you’d find in a makeup bag. Their new “Glam Up & Away” machines have makeup on-the-go available at JFK airport and airports in Austin and Las Vegas. These beautifully bright-pink makeup vending machines vend 30 of their most popular products to help travelers look their best.

These machines are a great blend of creative design, marketing gimmick and very useful products!

Have you seen any creative vending machines lately? Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is always on the lookout for new and innovative uses of vending technology!