The Days Of Bad-Content School Vending Machines Are OVER

The days of the rickety old school vending machines with a sour apple and a sugar daddies clanging around the insides are long gone at my school. Repairing and restocking my school’s old vending machine was a full time job. I am surprised I didn’t make the switch to the simpler IDS system earlier. IDS showed me how to please parents, teachers and even, students;all while maximizing profits.

My school’s vending machines where not winning any popularity contests with students, parents, or staff. Students complained about seeing the same popular sodas and candy bars sell out instantly. Parents complained about a lack of healthy options. Lastly, teachers complained the students couldn’t get school supplies out of the machines. We had four vending machines all stocked with sodas and candy bars, most of which were unpopular.

IDS listened to us and solved our problem. They eliminated the unpopular snacks and replaced them with healthy options. We used the space we saved getting rid of unpopular foods to find retail slots for school supplies like tape, pens, and scissors. Now my entire school board is happy with the results, and the profits from our new healthy food vending machine inventory that avoids bad snacks.

IDS listened to my schools problem and tailored an affordable and practical solution, as I am sure they will do for your business.