My Feelings on Vending Machines

vending machinesIn my office vending machines there is so much to taste. I try not to taste the same things every day because I don’t like getting into habits of eating the same thing all the time, although it is relatively easy to do so. I wish that I had my own private vending machines that I could use my own currency for, with a picture of my own face on the front and an eagle on the back, since my last name means eagle in German and I still take pride in being an American.

The first vending machines were built to dispense holy water by Heron of Alexandria. He was a famous engineer of his time, back in the first century AD. If only he knew what his invention would become two thousand years later.

I love hearing the machine work, the way it releases its products onto its floor and the little doggy door that allows me to reach in and take. When I was little I always tried to get my arm up into the vending machine to take an extra candy bar for free — I was trying to steal — but thankfully I hurt my arm once and I learned my lesson.