Office Vending Machine Promoting Dental Hygiene

One of the best things to keep stocked up in office vending machines is definitely a variety of gum and mints. When you are bouncing from meeting to meeting and eating most of your meals at your desk, there is going to be a lot of times where you do not have a chance to brush, floss, or even mouth wash to protect against yellow teeth and bad breath.

Of course, on top of offering those mints and gum, you could also offer those dental hygiene products for busy employees to make the most out of their time at the office and, of course, their dental plan.

When you think of custom vending machines, you think of sugary teeth rotting treats like chewy candy and chocolate. But retail vending can be applied to any and all packaged goods and beyond, making custom vending machines perfect for items that promote good hygiene and cleanliness.

For people looking to get to the top in business, a warm clean smile and fresh inviting breath can be not just good tact, but valuable assets on the corporate ladder. These items are a great chance to keep your employees smiling like the go-getters we all hope they are.