Office Vending Machines Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Typically when one thinks about office vending machines, there is the assumption that it’s full of soda, water, and snacks. It’s the food you need to combat the 3 pm lull. But IDS is looking to revolutionize the vending machine business. Instead of candy and soda in their office vending machines, they’re filled with useful items like notepads, pens, scissors, and staplers.

But shouldn’t these items be automatically provided for employees? Yes there should be certain items you give to employees, but we all know there are many people who enjoy pillaging office supplies. Office vending machines are a way to curb this problem and to have better control over the budget. Office supplies aren’t cheap and depending on how quickly you go through them and how many employees you have, the costs can be enormous. But if you’re forcing people to only take what they need, you’ll be amazed at how much money you will save and how much longer those supplies will actually last.

What really makes these office supply vending machines cool is the inventory report feature. The reports will always tell you what needs to be restocked and will keep track of all items purchased.