Office Vending Machines Save Workers from the 3pm Lull

custom vending machinesIt’s about that time again, 3 pm to be precise, when time seems to stand still and a wave of tiredness hits you like a ton of bricks. (It’s actually what I’m experiencing at this precise moment.) Somehow, the entire day just catches up with you and it’s a struggle to keep your eyes open and to not have your head smash into the keyboard. Taking a quick stroll around the office does nothing. If anything, it’ll make you even more sleepy.

The solution (besides a 4th cup of coffee)? Food. Food, especially anything with caffeine and sugar, will push you through the next two hours of work. Office vending machines are a simple solution to the food problem and a great way to keep your employees productive. Workers don’t have to waste time during the day to head to a store for refreshments. Instead, they can find the perfect snack in the break room. Of course, not all office vending machines have to be loaded with just candy bars and soda. You can choose a mix of healthy items and treats to keep you and the rest of the office happy and, most importantly, awake.

Visit Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to learn more about custom vending machines and don’t let the “3 pm sleepies” keep you from doing your work.