RX & Illicit Drug Summit – An Overview

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Since the start of the opioid epidemic, more than one million people have lost their lives. Across the nation, organizations are utilizing Narcan-stocked vending machines as a preventative solution, as these medications can reverse a drug overdose. IDS has been at the forefront of developing life-saving dispensing solutions and technology. Recently, IDS was a proud Silver Sponsor of the RX & Illicit Drug Summit. This influential event addresses the opioid crisis. From April 1st-4th, IDS and a global community of stakeholders and professionals gathered to share and learn about the latest prevention, treatment, and law enforcement strategies.

IDSvending - RX Summit Event

IDS Joins The Global Community in Strategizing The Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery of Opioid Overdoses

During the RX & Illicit Drug Summit, IDS had the opportunity to showcase our Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Equipment and iQ Technology Software. IDS’s Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser is an innovation designed to minimize drug use-associated health risks and serve as a lifeline for those who may have overdosed. 

Our Harm Reduction Supply Dispensers provide a low barrier and easy access to life-saving medical kits, hygiene kits, safer sex kits, Naloxone, and other harm reduction supplies and testing 24/7. To access the machine, clients can receive a unique code to enter and dispense the medical supplies they need quickly and efficiently. Our iQ Technology and real-time tracking software provide transaction and inventory reports to make your reporting easy and efficient. 

Today, we cater to many customers to fight against the opioid crisis and its consequences. Our sponsorship of this year’s RX and Illicit Drug Summit and our future Bronze Sponsorship of the RX & Illicit Drug Summit in 2024 further indicates our objective.  

IDS Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser 

IDSvending - RX Summit IDS’s Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser is an innovation designed to minimize drug use-associated health risks and serve as a lifeline for those who may have overdosed to dangerous proportions. The machine also helps health officials to promote safe injections, safe smoking, and safe sex in communities. 

“These machines have been really popular and have taken off in a way that we never anticipated or hoped for. We are distributing or dispensing safer sex and harm reduction supplies which include condoms, self-test kits, safe injection kits, Narcan, first aid kits, COVID-19 kits, and pregnancy test kits. The machine helped us to create a low-barrier entry point to our organization. This means users can access what they need without getting in touch with any staff. The backend software made reporting very easy, as we were able to realize the impact and outcome very quickly” – Taryn Norman  – Executive Director, Hope Testing. 


The benefits of the device extend beyond this, and here’s a preview.

A Few Highlights From The RX & Illicit Drug Summit

The event hosted numerous speakers and exciting exhibitions showcasing how technology can control the drug epidemic. We noted an increased number of vending machine enthusiasts, who had purchased our machines, and those looking to secure funding. The life-saving capability of these machines, coupled with their ability to gather data, created a buzz that emphasizes how these harm-reduction vending machines can save lives. For more information on IDS’s harm reduction dispensing solutions and iQ technology, visit here!