Should the Office’s Custom Vending Machine Include Post-Its?

The importance of memos and Post-It Notes in the digital age, for some, has seemed to wain. Still, it is likely worth stocking them in the nearby office vending machine. It is not because digital reminders and automated updates available through most email services are not helpful. It is because sometimes they simply are not enough.

Everyone receives update reminders, but occasionally that fifteen minute meeting warning will come and go, and it will appear to offer you the opportunity to squeeze in one or two more small tasks. In other scenarios, it seems to offer an invitation for a little brain-numbing trip around the Internet. In either case, the distraction can ruin your perception of time and lead to embarrassing lateness. This is where the ever-present physical reminder of a “sticky note” can help.

It might seem silly, a business skipping the small cost of placing Post-It Sticky Notes in their vending machine, but in this day and age, every company is trying to manage costs any way they can. The office vending machines you employed to help manage your supplies budget can offer a helpful hand, but they should not be an excuse to skip out on certain supplies all together.