Stock Lunch Options In Office Vending Machines

Have a microwave at the office? You probably should.

Productivity around businesses can often take a dive when folks head out to “grab lunch.” While the word “grab” might suggest a zippy trip to whatever nearby eatery seems most suitable extensive line waiting and a variety of other variables could make things take a lot longer. By the time an employee returns to their cubicle they spend time catching up on emails and then trying to fight the inevitable afternoon post-food lull.

With a well stocked office vending machine you can avoid much of this loss in productivity and attentive work. You simply stock a vending machine with a variety of frozen food options that are easily microwavable and also delicious. Sure your employees might still from time to time elect to get lunch off the premises of the office but offering a more proactive option is a great start.

You will likely find that the comfort of the office’s air conditioning(or heating  depending on the season) is a healthy motivator in encouraging employees to use the office vending machine. As long as some good lunch options are available at a good price, more and more of your employees will likely take the chance.