Successful Retail Kiosks

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has manufactured a wide range of customized vending machines for various businesses in many different industries. One of our most popular forms of vending machines is an automated retail kiosks that vend products to customers or provide information and customer service services.

You may not think that kiosks will fit with your business, but these vending machines often tap into markets and demographics that you might have had less success with in the past. Automated retail kiosks are a great way to show off new technology and create buzz about your business by installing something people have not seen before. They are also an extra point of contact for customers to engage with your company, especially if the machine is located in a different area than your stores.

Kiosks, self-checkout and mobile shopping are becoming increasingly popular with younger shoppers and as their shopping habits develop more, they will expect stores to meet their needs. Even traditional products like clothing, jewelry or small electronics can see success in retail kiosk self-checkout machines because younger shoppers like the autonomy of the machine and the ability to avoid stores they might not shop in.