Keep Your Fitness Center Safe for Members

With COVID-19 and the flu season among us, keeping your employees and members safe and healthy is more important than ever before. Wearing face masks and washing your hands only scratches the surface when it comes to keeping employees and members safe from harmful bacteria. Limiting contact points and disinfecting equipment will also reduce the risk of contracting the flu and COVID-19. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that gym patrons wear a facemask and wash their hands before and after putting the mask on. Additionally, it is recommended that they bring their own water bottles and avoid sharing any personal items. Finally, it is crucial that members clean equipment before and after they have used it. 

Additionally, limiting contact points for your customers will help to limit the spread of harmful bacteria amongst gym patrons and employees. This can be done through Vending Fit’s Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers. These machines allow you to control your inventory and give customers and employees access to supplies, such as resistance bands, water bottles and yoga mats. Give your customers the experience of a safe and effective workout.

Vending Fit dispensers and lockers allow for quick and easy disinfecting, in order to keep members safe. Simply use warm, mild soapy water. Soap has the ability to demolish viruses in as little as 20 seconds, keeping employees and members safe from COVID-19 and the flu. Additionally, providing hand sanitizer near the machine and encouraging the use of it before and after coming in contact with the machine will keep customers safe and healthy.

Your members are anxious to hit the gym, but it must be done in a safe way. To find out more about gym vending machines and how to keep your gym customers safe, contact us at 1-855-570-2673.

Convenience & Accessibility

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions thrives because of the time honored vending machine principles of convenience and accessibility to customers. IDS machines help businesses and organizations around the world by dispensing products in a convenient and accessible way. Often times the problems we solve are about how to get certain product into a customer or employee’s hands in a simple and cost-effective way. Automated dispensing does this by through convenience and accessibility.

There are endless examples of how controlled dispensing provides convenience and accessibility. Recently in the news a biking organization opened up a vending machine to distribute bicycle parts and accessories 24/7. The machine is open any time of day for individuals to get bike lights, locks, access to CO2 and other resources. There does not need to be an employee or volunteer manning a counter to distribute because the machine does all the work storing, securing, and dispensing the supplies. People can use the machine all hours of the day. The machine is in the open in front of the main building making it simple to find and easy to access.

Vending machines provide convenient access to support the public’s interests and hobbies, but also can provide life saving medications and other medical supplies. There are machines in the Las Vegas valley dispensing Narcan, a drug that can “block the effects of opioids and can even reverse an overdose.” Future plans are to include personal hygiene kits, safe sex kits and pregnancy tests in machines too. The machines are able to control inventory and limit use to those who are registered in the Center for Behavioral Health’s syringe exchange program. A registration card provides access to the machine’s supplies. The machine scans the card so only authorized individuals and use the supplies and so it can track who is taking what from the machine.

Automated retail dispensing supports a wide range of products, but the end goals often remain the same: control inventory, provide around the clock access, be in a convenient location. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions specializes in helping organizations everywhere save time and make more money with controlled inventory assistance. Our vending machines are designed to be convenient and accessible to customers. Call us today to learn how we can be of service to you. 1-877-771-4446