Introducing Scrubtrak!

custom vending machinesWhen most people think of office vending machines, they usually think of drink or snack machines. However, at Intelligent Vending Solutions, they move beyond snacks and drinks and enter into the practical world of everyday office supplies. For example, one of their newest machines, the ScrubTrak hospital scrub vending machine is made especially for medical facilities and the professionals they employ.

The ScrubTrak machine will do the following:

  • Help medical professionals keep up with their scrub supply, freeing up time and energy for other more important matters.
  • Help reduce unauthorized inventory usage.
  • Ensure scrubs will always be available to techs, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals when they are needed.

Why medical facilities should utilize custom vending machines:
In the past, medical facilities have relied on a variety of resources and methods to ensure their employees are properly clothed in scrubs. The custom vending machine ScrubTrak, which is described above, proves invaluable in this task as it streamlines and organizes the process. No longer will new employees have to wait for scrubs to come in and no longer will there be a worry that unauthorized personal are partaking of an facility’s scrubs.

How these custom vending machines operate:
The intelligent dispensing solution is the technology that makes these vending machines different from others on the market. They keep track of inventory and give employees easy access to needed supplies. These machines also cut down on waste and help employers oversee their employee’s supply usage. In fact, these vending machines can help reduce inventory shrinkage by at least 25 percent.