Take Control of Your Narcotics Inventory with UCapIt


When it comes to narcotic inventory control, organizations can never be too careful. If you find yourself struggling with keeping your supply room secure or having too many expired products, you may want to turn to UCapit. UCapIt puts managers back in control through its Supply Dispensers, Supply Lockers and SAFEMEDS.

UCapIt’s Supply Dispensers dispense medical supplies, narcotics and pharmaceuticals to authorized staff within an emergency organization. Dispensers provide a single point-of-access for an entire team and keep inventory safe, secure and organized. Designated employees can access necessary products through RFID badge, magnetic strip, Proximity card reader, barcode, personal PIN, Biometrics and more.

Supply Lockers from UCapIt can be used to access or return medical equipment and supplies. Each locker bay has the option to add electricity for charging devices. They can hold larger equipment, such as defibrillators and medical kits or smaller items, such as gloves. Each item can be accessed by authorized users through the same interface as Supply Dispensers.

Finally, SafeMeds allow users to access the necessary narcotics quickly and efficiently in the field. It is a high-security ambulance EMS dispensing lockbox system that is capable of mounting directly in an ambulance or other areas where drugs need to be tracked or distributed.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and UCapIt is ready to help you take back control of your EMS inventory. To find out more about our medical narcotics inventory vending machines, call us at 1-877-771-4446.