The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Medical Package

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions assists customers to find better medical supply management solutions and improve their efficiency. One way in which this is done is with iQ Technology. This module-based software enables organizations to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity.

IDS offers five iQ Technology software packages to allow you to choose a solution that works best for your organization. The next package we will break down is the medical inventory control package. This package includes the same components of the Standard Package, plus the features you need for enterprise-wide inventory and asset management. 

In addition to all of the components that can be found in the Standard Package, the Medical Package includes vehicle management, custom checklists and biometric management. These additions make the Medical Package the most comprehensive medical supply management system that iQ Technology has to offer.

Vehicle management allows you to manage all of your dispensing equipment in one location. Instead of spending time walking around to every machine within your organization, you are able to manage your equipment and check the health of each machine from one location. Additionally, vehicle management gives you the capability to set limits on the number of products that can be accessed by a single user per day, eliminating hoarding and waste. This key feature saves you and your organization valuable time and money. 

In order to ensure all machines are being inspected according to the standards you set, the Medical Package includes a custom checklist feature. During each inspection, users are able to check off each step of the inspection in order to confirm it is fully complete and everything passes its inspection. Create a checklist based on your standards.

Finally, biometric management allows the machine to track who accessed what product, the number of products that were accessed and when the product was accessed. Additionally, biometrics can be carried over from your previous machines, so employees can jump into using it immediately, instead of setting every employee up with new credentials. 

No matter what industry you are in, iQ Technology vending machines can help you manage your medical inventory. To find out more, give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.