The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Standard Package

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions assists customers in their mission to find better ways to manage inventory and improve their efficiency. One way in which this is done is with iQ Technology sales control tool. This module-based software enables organizations to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity by processing real-time data captured from IDS’ hardware.

IDS offers five iQ Technology software packages to allow you to choose a solution that works best for your organization. The next package we will break down is our vending machine inventory management package, which includes all of the components of the Basic Package, plus the features you need for an enterprise-wide inventory and asset management solution that includes dispensing larger items via IDS’ Supply Lockers.

One of the key features included in the Standard Package is the Supply Room. This feature allows you to save time and money by managing inventory that you have on hand anytime and anywhere. You will no longer have to spend hours in your supply room taking inventory of products. Instead, simply access your entire supply room with the click of a button.

Another feature is API/Pre-Authorization. We understand that security is important to our customers. That is why our API/Pre-Authorization feature allows customers to connect directly to their existing employee management system. Under this, information remains confidential by ensuring sensitive employee information is not stored within the iQ Technology platform.

Like the Basic Package, the Standard Package offers extensive reporting that features real-time, comprehensive sales control tools for managers. These reports eliminate the need for timely manual inventory audits, reduce shrinkage and waste and increase employee productivity.

No matter what industry you are in, iQ Technology can help you manage your inventory. To find out more about our vending machine packages with iQ technology, give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.