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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a pioneer in the field of smart lockers and dispensing systems worldwide. Our innovative solutions include controlled and intelligent dispensing solutions for the healthcare industry and emergency services (including sanitizers, PPE equipment, controlled pharmaceuticals and narcotics, clean syringes and needles, and so on), IT industry (IT accessories and equipment), and for construction and manufacturing (tools and personal protective equipment).

The Virtual Tracker from IDS is powered by a smart software platform called iQ Technology. It is a combination of a web or mobile interface and features rich back-end software that allows users to track and manage resources that the employee of a business may need. iQ Technology powers the gathering of data from the machines to the communication with the cloud and other third-party applications. Together, they create an efficient and quick process for checking supplies in or out, speedy auditing, real-time reporting about stock levels, and integrated alert systems. It provides valuable insights into items checked out, items returned, order pickups, usage of supplies, and more, delivering visibility into essential aspects in real time. It allows full-cycle asset management across different organizations as it is easily configurable to meet the needs of any business. Additionally, iQ Technology integrates with the enterprise IT systems of a business to provide a 360-degree view into your organization’s inventory.

Key Features:

The Virtual Tracker is a complete package that places the power of inventory management at your fingertips.  Its web browser version and mobile app make it usable on any device that your organization or employees already have.

Interoperability with your existing supply chain systems, label leaders, bar code scanners and other data acquisition systems make Virtual Tracker easy to deploy.

Web notifications and mobile push notifications can help in calling attention to incidents or unusual usage. This, combined with customizable reports, make the availability of intelligence on inventory to the right audience easy.

Using the virtual tracker is a simple three step process. Users no longer need to fill out long forms or walk to IT support and wait in a queue.

You can remotely track your assets on a wide range of devices – the virtual tracker is that simple to use. So, whether you’re an Apple or Android fan, and whether you prefer working at your desktop  or on your mobile on the go, you can keep track of your inventory. Thanks to iQ Technology, you and your team can stay mobile and connected, and stay on top of inventory and asset activity, and follow them wherever they go.

Benefits of the Virtual Tracker

The software is a comprehensive inventory management platform that enables visibility and control into your inventory supply chain. Managers can use the interface to allocate resource ownership and manage consumption. The trackability and traceability enables hassle free audit. Users can not only collect equipment at their convenience, but also be constantly informed about when the product is ready for collection. Insightful reports and business analytics features of the tool can help business leaders make better business decisions.

Customer Reports and Automated Alerts

The Virtual Tracker will become the central source of all resource and inventory-related data. This places the responsibility for providing actionable insights in a timely manner on this platform. The Virtual Tracker executes this by a combination of standard and custom reports that can be then pushed as alerts through the different communication integrations of iQ Technology.

The smart technology sends you different types of alerts, and it can be set up to be sent to several people or just one. It can also be configured for automated workflows and escalation. The standard out-of-box alerts are:

  • Inventory level alerts
  • Expiring product alerts
  • Offline or downtime alerts
  • Machine door open alerts
  • Dispensed notifications

You can easily keep track of your asset inventory with these alerts, ordering products at the precise time that you need to. This eliminates downtime due to unavailability of resources or shrink due to overconsumption.

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Virtual Tracker

Virtual Tracker

Your Versatile, Web-Based Inventory Tracking Solution

Virtual Tracker is a web based, remote platform that allows employees to pull inventory from a location based on credentials, check-in and out of assets, and the ability to ask informative questions on location, use, or condition of asset.

Virtual Tracker is a web-based inventory tracking solution that can work on any internet connected devices like phones, tablets, or computers. Increase the workflow by adding barcode functionality.

Track Anything…Anywhere

Turn supply rooms, manufacturing plants, and vehicles into controlled dispensing centers allowing your organization to:

  • Track PPE for site compliance
  • Check in/out forklifts for use and end of shift maintenance and report on their condition.
  • Track Serialized assets to know where critical equipment is and when it needs to be replaced.


Permissions and Role Settings

Check-Outs and Returns

Product Lifecycle

Ask Additional Questions

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Alerts

Additional Enhanced Features

Examples of Use

Single / Multi Dispense

You can now dispense a single unit of an item or in multiples using the same interface…

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Check-Out Items

Log-in and Check-out released items easily by entering employee code or using card readers…

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Check-In Items

Checking an item in is just as easy as the check-out. A variety of user interfaces like keypad…

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Check-Out Assets

You no longer need different systems for consumables and assets. Use the same interface…

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Check-In Assets

Make returning the assets easy and avoid idle assets or misplacing them. At the point of return…

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Applications by Use Case

Within manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, IDS’ Virtual Tracker is utilized in nearly every vertical for a variety of use cases.

Complete Asset Tracking and Inventory Management Solution

Simplify implementation with Hardware, Software and Support from one vendor. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is the only inventory management solution provider that offers all of the necessary software, hardware and support you need in order to take back control of your inventory. This makes iQ Technology not only the most feature-rich inventory management software in the industry, but also makes it the most complete solution available from one provider.

iQ Technology’s Cloud-Based Software

100% Compatible Hardware including scanners

Implementation, Training, and Support Services

Virtual Tracker has diverse applications in inventory management.

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Virtual Tracker

Virtual Tracker Package

The power of informed decision making for inventory management at your fingertips

Virtual Tracker allows you to easily manage your organization’s inventory – always and from practically anywhere.

Powered by iQ Technology, Virtual Tracker enables you to streamline inventory and asset management within your organization. Through virtual inventory control, tracking, and reporting, Virtual Tracker eliminates the need for a physical dispensing machine and allows for better tracking of jobs and projects.

Virtual Tracker’s web based, remote platform allows users to pull inventory from a location based on credentials, check-in and out of assets to employees, and gives users the ability to ask informative questions for location, use, or condition of asset.

Virtual Tracker is able to work on any internet connected device from phones, tablets, or computers. In addition, you can increase the workflow by adding barcode functionality.

Virtual Tracker = Ultimate Mobility and Centralized, Real-Time Data

Track Any Asset from Anywhere

Virtual Tracker allows you to track any type of stock or asset. Our hardware is configurable to address various items like consumables, material, equipment, tools, and assets such as vehicles. Query and mine data on the item of interest, irrespective of whether you are in the yard or at the CEO’s desk.

User Management and Access Control

Granting role-based access to data and reports has never been easier. The back-end management console in our iQ Technology platform allows easy configuration to suit your organization’s needs.

Check-Out and Return in a Snap

User access can be authorized through RFID or Barcode readers to accelerate both check-out and return of tools and items. Virtual Tracker allows real-time tracking of chain of custody and user privileges at the click of a button.

Site or Location Management

Assets can be assigned to specific sites or locations. Track consumption or usage by sites and locations. Plan procurement and arrange logistics based on site or location-based resource availability data. Virtual Tracker is on internet connected devices. That means, your different sites do not even need to be on a connected private network for cross-site inventory management.

Virtually Eliminate Risk by Automating Compliance

Compliance to company and regulatory standards for access to material can now be automated. Hazardous material, mission critical resources or simply equipment access constrained by initiatives like 5S can all be tracked and monitored from anywhere. Enforcing compliance will be seamless without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Quality Improvement Through Trackability

Equipment calibration data and asset availability for maintenance are critical for scheduled maintenance that reduces defects. Virtual Tracker can provide this visibility for all tools and assets across your manufacturing plant or office. Data on history of repairs can give meaningful intelligence into Mean Time Between Failures and Mean Time To Repair.

Reports and Alerts on The Fly

Scheduled reports and on-demand reports can be configured on Virtual Tracker. Important intelligence does not have to wait any longer for manual data assimilation and visualization. With our integration to communication channels, we can trigger alerts to web applications, email or mobile phones. Users, managers and business leaders can have access to insights that can help them make better decisions instantaneously. These alerts allow you to keep track of your inventory. You order products exactly when you need to, which eliminates having a surplus of expired or nearly expired inventory.

Product Management

Through iQ Technology, you have access to IDS’ Global Product database populated with products specific to your industry. You can also create a Local Products list specifically for your account. Accounts can add products from the Global Products list, as well as add their own products.


Through a seamless API integration, iQ Technology connects to your existing systems and platforms, making set-up, implementation, and on-going management easy and streamlined. Utilize your existing systems, while have a new level of real-time data and insights to your inventory management.

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