Will-Call Automation and the UCapIt Inventory Management System

Vending systems and machines have, in the past, been viewed as a second-rate alternative to traditional store fronts. UCapIt has established vending services as an asset in providing life-saving medical supplies and equipment to emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on demand. Now, these same cutting edges advances in product delivery are coming to a pharmacy near you!

Do you know what your pharmacy inventory is today?

  • How many people have access to your pharmacy?
  • If you had an internal shortage problem would you know who accessed the pharmacy?
  • Are controlled drugs available to techs without the proper level of training?
  • Are your perishable items being used in a First In First Out manner?
  • How do you audit your Pharmacy Supplies today?

The Controlled Access Pharmacy or CAP allows EMS, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and other medical professionals the ability to restock their units 24/7 and have real-time usage and Pharmaceutical inventory control tracking. The CAP EMS vending machine can check multiple forms of ID and will prompt for station or dispatch specific data. All withdrawals are cataloged, time stamped and regulated by tech clearance/training level.

The CAP aggregates all dispensing history and alerts for low stock position, expiring product and creates a pick list for restocking. It will generate individual call reports based on products restocked. This information can be printed or exported to your Accounts Payable/Receivable Software.

Technology has advanced, and now UCapIt can remove human error from the process, reducing mistakes and significantly speeding up the pickup process. In every pharmacy setting, from hospitals to chain pharmacies, installing new will-call vending solutions has reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, and cut wait times by nearly one-third.