Vending From a Taxi?

If taxis and vending machines have anything in common, is that they are both vehicles of convenience. Few things come in handy like having a guaranteed ride home after a late night out, just like finding a snack vending machine when you have the munchies is supremely satisfying. So what happens when these two services become one? That is exactly what New Orleans cab riders are currently enjoying, thanks to the city’s recently upgraded carriage cabs.

According to Vending Marketwatch, those riding New Orleans Carriage Cabs will be treated to a selection of five non-alcoholic beverages. These custom taxi vending machines have been installed in over 200 cabs throughout the city and can be purchased with a simple swipe of your debit card. The current options are Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, iced tea, and orange Fanta, which gives cab riders a solid selection of popular sodas.

“We decided to introduce the vending machines in New Orleans because it is the nation’s hub of innovation,” said New Orleans Carriage Cab owner Simon Garber, whose teenage son was the one to initially suggest the idea. The technology is available for purchase, meaning anyone in the country can install this exciting custom vending machine within your vehicle.