Belt and Conveyor Vending Machines

The technology behind smart supply vending machines has changed a lot over the years. As we discussed last week, many machines are accepting credit and debit cards to make purchasing even easier. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is all about making unique, simple machines that gives customers the best possible experience. One “newer” technology that is popping up a lot in drink vending machines is the belt and conveyor mechanism.

The conveyor belt vending machines are best used for those just selling drinks. One of the big problems of the traditional drop-down drink dispensing machine is that the drink will be shaken. And we all know the dangers of a shaken soda. It’s always a risky endeavor as you twist off that cap or pop that tab. The last thing you want to do is create a bad experience for the customer. Although it is not directly your fault, some might be less inclined to buy a drink and maybe go to just the snack machine instead. But this entire mess can be avoided by opting for the conveyor vending machine that dispensing drinks.

At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, there are plenty of options to create custom vending machines to provide users with great vending experiences. No matter what items you are selling, they can make it easy to buy.