Dormant School Vending Machines?

In the months after the school doors close, it might seem like those school vending machines go unattended and, frankly, just sit there. You begin to wonder when you get back to school in September, have those items been just sitting there all summer?

Of course not. Anyone who is responsible for operating and stocking a school vending machine should be smart enough to manage the items inside during times where the building housing the machine should be dormant. Luckily, most people who own and operate a vending machine in one place are likely running a larger retail vending operation. Some of those items can stock other machines in other places.

The other possibility is that many of these schools hold summer school classes for students that didn’t quite make the grade. Just ’cause your grades weren’t up to snuff, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the occasional study session with the Keebler Elves.

Schools that do not have summer classes might have staff instruction or daily summer camp programs. The fact is, there will be turnover in these machines in the steamy summer months. In the end, chances are you can count on the products in the machine still being delicious come September.